I really liked the movie called, “BRUNO”. It was just a little above excellent. It had truth, humor, variety, and just about everything else. And it had that continuity, smiles , the little kid with the two pack of pistols. If you want to laugh, and cry, and feel good and bad at the same time, this is definitely the movie that will make all that stuff happen.

This movie is a sad comedy. Is there any such thing? Yes. So many parts of the movie were sad, and then there was the reality of the way that some Nuns would treat kids in their schools, and then there was the reality of a big mama not caring about her child first –but then finally waking up to care about him first. There is selfishness in this movie and then there’s the WOW factor..of hearing what happened in the beginning of the story which you hear towards the middle and the end of the story. In this movie you wind up feeling bad for some characters, feeling horrible about others and always cheering on for the two kids that -to me are the major stars in the movie.

Wstch BRUNO for free on youtube. Do a search and find the one that is the full movie-not the trailer.

Maybe I”ll put it here If I find it.



 ©2019alindaperry All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic recording rights. No copies without prior written permission from the author ‘artist.


Do you look at family pictures as a family member or do you look at family pictures as a photographer?

I love family pictures of the kids, the grandkids.. these are beautiful and they all have a story.

As a photographer, with the eyes of a photographer, I look at pictures in a very different way than you look at pictures. When I see a picture of a child, the first thing that I notice about the child or teen is where the eyes are. I notice what’s in the eyes or what’s missing from the eyes. I’m not talking about photographically, but I’m talking about emotionally. When an abuser takes pictures of a child, and the only one in the room is the abuser, you, most likely, will see that in the eyes. When an abuser takes pictures of a child, and there is more than one person in the room, the eyes will look different because there is the abuser, and there is ‘a witness’. So the appearance of a witness (providing that witness is not another abuser) makes a difference in the child’s eyes and the way that the child looks at the camera. You might see fear in the eyes. You might see fear in the body position, even if the picture is ‘posed’. If there is a book in the picture or something that the child likes or feels safe(r) with, you’ll notice that in the eyes and in the body posture of the kid.

Now, this is interesting. If you see a picture of the same child (an abuse victim or target), and that picture is somewhere outdoors, or in a crowd, (where there are many witnesses), you’ll notice a little lift in the child’s eyes or personality. The child knows that there is safety in numbers, and the child knows that even if there witnesses, but they are indoors, enclosed, the witnesses can leave or go away at any moment. So the child’s eyes will not show joy or real happiness, knowing that their happiness or their ‘safety’ will be shortlived. _So in the outdoors situation, whether at a park or at a beach, (many witnesses and not easy to get away from all the witnesses_, the child, might, just might show a little happiness or joy in the eyes, or in the body posture of the child or teen. Isn’t that interesting. Now, are you going to go back and look at your family pictures — if you were a target or victim of violence or of bullying, or of child abuse? We’ve all seen those serious looks on children. And I wonder, how many family photographs are out there — to be witness to the lives of children, of teens? And, yet, that’s not all foolproof either, since all kids are different and all kids will react differently. There are some kids or teens that might be able t feighn happiness or joy… for small periods of time , sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes. But, seriously, photographs can be amazingly interesting when you go back years or decades and look at them.

I can look at pictures of some of the kids –when a certain person was in the room or around the room or near the kid or interacting with the kid, and I’ll see that same look. What is it a look of?

YOU know what? I’ll tell you this in one sentence. Kids know. Yep. Kids know. Kids know when they are safe and when they are happy. They know. And, one of the gifts that God gives us is the ability to communicate what is really happening — even if we are not permitted to communicate this with our own voices.

And, go look again at the photographs. You can sometimes notice a different look , and that might be a look of when the ‘protector” is around . Kids know who the protectors are. They know if a certain person is around or in the room, that they will not be hurt. That’s right. Even back in the fifties or sixties, long before Paul Coughlin was writing his books, there were protectors. These were not official protectors but they were there. The protectors in our society were there, sometimes. And kids know.

Do you have any of your family photographs or did the perp take them, hide them, get rid of them. You can get your family photographs from other people in the family, right?

In a family where there is an abuser, usually there will not be too many pictures of the kid. Some kids will find no pictures at all. And then, evil as this is, there are some abusers that will purposely take photos of the abused, of the target. You know, like today, when you read the news and you see that a perp took photos of the crime scene, of the victims and targets -and kept the photos and the videos -and that’s how they were caught? Think about this. Adults today , might have ‘proof’ of child abuse, in the past, if they can find old family photographs. Look at the child. Look at the eyes. Look at the posture of the child and notice what’s really happening. You just might be amazed. When you were a child, you thought you were being quiet about the abuse (and the perp thought that also)..but if you really look at the eyes and you look at the body posture… you will , indeed, see some of the story of the childhood…possibly reveal some of the secrets of childhood.

You can go back and look at family pictures and find the fat ones, the ones that had serious eating problems, as children. And you can look back and find the skinny ones, the almost emaciated ones.. the children that were targets or the bullied. Family photographs are amazing storytellers, if you really want to hear the story.

If you are an abused kid or teen or if you were abused when you were a child, teen or young adult, go back and look through your old photographs, the ones that your abuser took of you. IF — that’s if you can find any of the old photographs. I’m not suggesting you do that. I’m just saying you are capable of doing that. Some mignt not want to do that since it might remind them more of the abuse, and they might not want to remember that.

I can go back and look at pictures of kids or grandkids and see the look on the face. You can almost always tell when a particular person was in the room at the time of the picture. You don’t see the person in the picture — but you know that person was in the room by the look on the kid’s face.

You’ll have pictures like that right? It’s fun to look at pictures. And sometimes, looking at pictures can really say a whole lot. If you were silenced when you were a child, you might not realize it but you may have said a whole lot– with your eyes, and with your body posture, in family pictures. And you know the person that took the pictures — if you remember. Interesting, right?



The Brooklyn Public Library * Grand Army Plaza

The feature photograph in my entry article here comes from a place in Brooklyn, New York. This is one of the windows of the Grand Army Plaza Library, the grand main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library.

And it is so grand. They keep on revamping it from time to time, making it more magnificent. The only thing that I regret about the library is that they seem to have the main focus off books and onto technology, business, and sales. But that’s okay, as long as it still is a library.

My main great memory of this library (besides my thousands of other memories) is the day that I got accepted as one of “Brooklyn’s Own Artists and Photographers”. This was something great for me as it allowed me to step out of my little bubble for a while to really enjoy the main library in a way that I had never enjoyed it before. I can’t even remember how I managed to be in that exhibit, but I remember everything else about it.

The exhibit was for two months long. Great! Most of my other exhibits were only for one month long. So, to me, I felt like I had graduated in a sense, had an improvement but through no effort of my own. So, I went through all of my photographs and finally had the ones that I wanted to display in the library. And, the great part, also was that the librarian (the reference librarian) gave me a whole entire case to display my photographs. The exhibit case was on the second floor of the library and along that same wall , there were many other exhibit cases. Those will be billed with the other artists’ and photographers’ work. I believe there were about six or seven other artists that participated in this. And there was a nice announcement also in a local newspaper.

I just like the way this one came out. I walked outside during the evening, and looked around for a photograph. I took a few different angles of the moon and this is one of my favorites.

I like this picture of Carla (the Master Chef, and Author of Comfort Foods) , because it reminds me of the night that she gave the talk about her business, and about succeeding, reaching your goals. And what was so wonderful was that she was very frank, very humorous, and just about the coolest author that I’ve seen take questions from the public.

The other picture next to that one is an unrelated collage, just “Taking Charge of Yourself” It is one that I created years ago, and I love it because I put some good ideas in there with pictures and with words.

What do you like to take pictures of? And do you have another hobby besides your first hobby?



Can You Do This? Post a Picture of Your Hobby?

©2019alindaperry All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic recording rights. No copies without prior written permission from the artist/ author.

Can you use your hobby as pain relief? And can you use it for anything else ? Or is it just a hobby?


And, over the years, I’ve changed my hobby, also. Actually, I have a few different hobbies that I work on throughout the year. And the time that I spend on hobbies fluctuates from just a small amount of time to almost full time.
The equipment that I use fluctuates. To me, my hobby is something that makes life easier. It is something that keeps me busy, and gives me a good, creative positive distraction.


He gave me some presents, once in a while . And that was how my hobby began. That’s I developed an interest in photography, in journalism. He gave my first camera to me, and also some of the rest of my first gadgets,

(During a lifetime, I’ve had hobbies that varied from doing mosaics, photography, painting, calligraphy, writing, and some others)


I’m thinking that my favorites are art, photojournalism, and writing. I’ve had help with my hobbies, sometimes, like when I was first learning photography, I took hundreds of pictures of my kids, and then later on, years later, I took pictures of my grandkids. Well, they say you get better with practice so I’m always practicing photography, and writing.

Yes, indeed, over seven decades ago, and I still have a copy of that first photograph. I didn’t always have it. It was only about fifteen years ago, that my sister showed some photographs to me and asked if I wanted any of them. So I looked through the bunch of photographs and couldn’t believe my eyes. WOW! What a wonderful surprise. She had a copy of my first photograph. My father had given the photos to her, and she saved them for quite a while, and then decided she didn’t want any of the pictures anymore. To her, it was just an ordinary black and white photograph but to me it was a wonderful piece of my photographic history, and a great memo

And secondly, my kids were great. I probably couldn’t have gotten through my photography school without them. They were my models when I was learning photography. I needed to do assignments and almost always, I’d be taking pictures of my kids. (I like doing that anyway; but they were real sports. I must have taken hundreds, if not more, of them, all the time). Thanks kids! 🙂

I have to thank my Dad, and my kids and grandkids for helping me out with my hobbies, over the years.

I remember my first Polaroid camera, that camera that produced ‘instant’ photographs. It printed pictures in black and white, but that’ was okay. This was really exciting to see those pictures develop right before my very eyes. And from that camera, I got one of the best gifts of my life, I had a goal, something that I looked forward to. I was the kid, the photographer. I loved taking pictures of everything, at that time, mostly people. In fact, one of my first photographs was a photograph that I took of my father, my aunt, my cousin and (hidden in the picture) was my great-grandmother. That was decades ago, and can you believe, I still have that photograph. Well, I have a copy of the photograph, not the original. And, yes, It was my Dad that got me interested in photography. I have some pictures that he processed himself. Eventually, I got into processing my own black and white film, and even printing the photographs on an old enlarger.


  • Photographs are great memory makers.
  • Photographs are proof of life, proof of happinings.
  • Gadgets, such as those portable record players, bring joy into life, music, and talk .
  • By using videography, television production, and by doing podcasts, I have the ability to keep accurate track of my history, the history of my hobbies and the history of my life.
  • Hobbies can grow into jobs, pastimes, careers, and more.
  • Journaling or writing gave me another way to remember things .
  • Putting two hobbies togeher is an ultra-plus. My combination of writings plus art, photography serves many purposes, and sometimes, even solves life problems.
  • Writing is a hobby that proves life. You can keep track of things that you, ordinarily, wouldn’t remember. And writing it all down, serves the purpose of giving you, your own history.
  • Through a hobby, you can share your ideas and your experiences with others.
  • And, strange as it seems, sometimes a hobby can serve as pain relief also.

So, from taking pictures, I used the photographs to tell stories, to document a lifetime of experiences and happenings.


I discovered, a long time ago, that I could take my mind off of my pain and off of my troubles by jumping into my hobby as much as I could.

An Injured Bald Eagle
©2014lindaperry All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic recording rights. No copies without prior written permission from the artist/ author.

Over the many years, I’ve taken thousands of pictures, and over the latter years, I have added some other aspects of art to my original hobbies. I began with photography, and floated on around in the areas of collage art, photo montage, Chinese brush painting, calligraphy and a few other hobbies.

©2019 alindaperry All rights reserved including internet, International, and electronic recording rights. No copies without prior written permission from the author/artist .


In these photos above, taken over decades, there are celebrity authors, Susan Brownmiller (who began as a journalist and women’s libber, civil rights worker back in the 50’s or 60’s. There’s Carla’s portrait in the bookstore; Carla was one of the master chefs, and she now has her own business and authored the cookbook called, ‘COMFORT FOODS”. There are shadow pictures of some of my grandchildren, and a picture of my grandson, and a picture of a local NY Pastor, on one of my television shows in New York. Many decades of pictures there rolled up into one collection.

I’ve even added things like crafts and sometimes marquetry, woodburning, videography and television production into my collection of creative, positive pastimes.


At this time in my life, I am taking pictures with a cellular phone, temporarily, but still taking photographs as a hobby. This hobby of mine has offered thousands of hours of pain relief , by distraction, to me. And that works for me.

So, when I think of the choices that I have made, the things that I’ve willingly accepted to fill my spare time, and to nurture my artistic spirit, I say that I’ve done a good job. And, for sure, I thank my Dad for that, because he was the person that gave me the gift of photography at a very, young age.

Why It Is Important For You To Keep a Journal

If you are having encounters with bullies or if you are a victim of domestic violence or a victim of child abuse, you have great tools to keep records of things. You will never be able to remember everything that happens to you if you are under stress. And even if you start out with the best memory in the world, stress can harm that and make your memory less sharp. We, as human beings, who are survivors, have the ability to ‘forget’ things, to purposely forget things , things that we don’t need to remember and sometimes that is healthy for us. For example, you can put aside all your bad and horrible memories but if you have pictures, or journals, you can just look at one picture and remember it all. Our minds are just like computers. Right now you are looking at one screen on a computer if you are reading this on a computer. But, your computer contains millions of bits of information, pictures, words, paragraphs, stories, books even. Yet, you are not remembering them all at this moment. Your computer hasn’t really forgotten these things but the computer simply has them on a back burner, somewhere else, rather than in the front of its’ memory.

And this is the same thing you can do with your hobbies and with your gadgets. You can record things that are memories . And just one look, like the press of one button on a computer, brings it all back front -to the front page of your mind. We are magnificently created so much better than your most elaborate and expensive computer is.


Can you do this? Add a link here in the comments section to show your art, hobby or collections that you are interested in ?

One last picture here and then I’ll close this entry.

Generally, I don’t post pictures of my kids or grandkids, so if you do see any of those pictures, these are what I consider ‘safe’ pictures in that they were taken years ago, and their looks and ages have changed. It is not a good idea to post pictures of kids on the internet.

I am a Mom and a Grandmom with beautiful kids and grandkids, and they are totally the best gifts in life that I have every received.

So, I ask you, what are the gifts in your life . And how do you use your hobbies and pastimes to help you get through life or remember life? Do your hobbies serve more than one purpose?

And if you can, please post a picture in the comments section of your art, your hobbies, so that I can get to know more about you also. Thanks for reading. December, 2019





Love the No-Care Flowers and Plants

Tulips are pretty much no care flowers. Just plant the bulbs and there they go. And they will grow every single year without any more planting.

Roses , pretty much the same. You can put rose bushes in front of your back windows– kind of a natural security . Most burglars won’t climb in a window that is guarded by heavy-duty thorns.

DUSTY MILLER – a favorite plant of mine. This thing will survive practically anything. And when the snow covers it up, and the snow melts, the Dusty Miller will still be there where you left

The Giant Ear or Lamb’s Ear plant does quite well also. It grows beautifully with no care. And in winter it totally turns brown and looks like a dead plant. But it picks up again in summer and turns back to a beautiful plant.

The mint plant does great. You can plant one of those in the garden and it will grow all over the place.

OKAY you don’t want invasive plants, like ivy, Ivy grows and doesn’t stop growing.

So, unless you want your garden full of certain kinds of plants–growing wild, do not plant




And yes, I love sunflowers. So, if you like them, plant the sunflowers in flower pots.


On Flickr

Photography, Collage, Posters on Flickr At This Link Below



Since the car accident, my disability got worse than it was before the accident. You will see some of my photograpy as it blurs throughout the years. And yet other years, you will see some of my photography that blurs just from my nervousness over being bullied for decades, sometimes for years at a time.

There are times that I have learned to embrace and even love the blur of my pictures. After all, if what I seek and try to promote is truth, then the blur of life fits right in there.

Yes, over the years, in and out, I have gone from loving the blur to other times, when I was feeling a little better to trying to perfect my photographs (not perfect but to perfect, to improve it so that perhaps some of them might meet the standards). Truth is, I hope to never meet the standards, because to me, life is real and photography should be just as real, but it never, ever is when you come to ‘professional’ photography.

What good does it do for anyone to take the wrinkles from someone’s face and to take the grey of someone’s hair if that is all fake, and you seek reality; you seek realness. This is just my question for me, not meant to question you or your arts.

About My Cameras and Equipment

Since I began taking pictures in the fifties, I have used many cameras. I will make a list here, just for fun. And then after the list , I will tell you which are my favorite ones .

Polaroid – the original, back in 1959 , the instant camera or rather the instant photographs. Press the button and out popped the photograph. It just, kind of, magically appeared on the paper.

Prior to the Polaroid, I used a sun camera, a piece of cardboard that came with some magical photo paper . You held the negative (came with the cardboard), in front of the camera (which was flat like a deck of cards), and held this up to the sun. After five minutes or so, a picture appeared on the paper. This is a kid thing, but I’ll always remember it as my first, kind of, camera.

Surprisingly, though I eventually owned a ‘brownie’ I never used a brownie to take pictures.

Later when I was a teenager, my Dad gave me another Polaroid camera, and over my lifetime, I’ve owned a number of Polaroids (mostly used ones not new). I love the instant pictures from those cameras. They even make a new one today (not sure if it is the same brand), the new one puts out pictures that are smaller than a business card and they are the coolest ever!

Point and Shoots…. Smiles, yes, I love these cameras. Back then, we used them with film. I used the black and white film, the TMAX and some other name. I processed the film by myself. And eventually, before the 90’s , I had access to a real darkroom and I was able to print my own black and white pictures. And I love using the old-school techniques of dodging and burning in..etc.

This picture below is one of my favorite pictures that I took at the television studio. Though it is not good and not perfect photography (by the world’s standards), I love this picture. And I wouldn’t change one single thing in it at all. To me, it captures everything happening at that moment. It has the blur of the control room (you can see the television monitors), and it has the musicians that are in the other room –separated by the smokey glass of the control room window. And you even see some of the crew there (they are in the control room), the person with the hat, and the person with their back to the camera here. To me, this totally imperfect picture is totally perfect.

And that’s what I love about photography. See, to me, photography is proving life, it’s sharing life and adventures with those that weren’t there. And I love other people’s photography also. One of my favorite things to do is to virtually travel . And other photographers’ and other videographers’ work enables me to go from my living room, to the Louvre and back to Alaska, to Hawaii, and to the far corners of the earth — with hardly any effort on my part.

Check out my photos and travel with me , virtually. Some of my photography is on flickr and other are on youpic.com For more information, contact me.

Oh , I’m not against photo shop or things like that, all I’ am saying is that I like my photography the way that it is. (Yes, there are maybe about five or six photos that I would like to really ‘fix’ but that’s not my objective in life) I have a few photos, special ones that have stains on them, or that have been torn a little bit. That , to me, is what the photo editing progams are for.

And I love to use the fun editing programs, the ones that just add a lttle tint here and there just for fun. The programs that can make a picture all one color or black and white or to color in an instant. That is really fun.

Enough blabbing about photoraphy,

Tell me about your pictures, your photography goals.

Post your FAVORITE pictures — send a link here to your favorite picture that you took.
THANKS for reading. Come back again..


I took my first official photography class in Kingsborough College in Brooklyn, New York, USA. They called the class “Art 51” and the next class “Art 52” back then. And I loved Kingsborough because it was right there, on the ocean, magnificent. Weirdly, I never took pictures of the ocean there while I was going to Kingsborough. And I love the ocean. So strange..life is strange.

I’ve used the Minolta 700i, 900i. .. I loved the 900i because it was all mostly or I used it mostly in the manual mode. I’ve used Canon and Pentax cameras, the SLR’s … yes, the ones that used real film , way back then.

And , yayy, eventually , I graduated to using a DSLR. And my favorite DSLR, is the Pentax one. What can I say. My Dad liked Pentax and I love Pentax, while most of the rest of the photography world is bathing in Canon Cameras , I’ll stick to the good, old Pentax.

I’ve used everything from disposable cameras, to those instamatic cameras, to the digital point and shoot cameras. And, I’ve used vintage cameras also. When I went to Mayor Dinkin’s inauguration, I took the Minoltas with me, along with the point and shoot, and also the vintage camera — all of them using film back then.

I love the cutesy cameras! When I went to the forest, I took one of the cameras that my Dad gave to me, and I took a point and shoot, and a very inexpensive plastic camera that shoots four pictures in one. They called it a sports camera, smiles, because you press the shutter button . And when you had the pictures developed, you would see four separate photographs on one piece of photo paper. It supposedly took one photo then immediatly snapped another until four photos were taken. This was around the year 2000 or 2001 .

I love, love, love taking pictures with the cellular phones, and many of my photos both past and present — I took and take with a droid cellular phone.

Why No Expensive DSLRs or Mirrorless Cameras ?

I don;t’ use these because I don’t them. And I don’t have them because I can not afford them. Not to worry, I don’t think that I’m missing much. Being a survivor of violence, I’m not really one to be carrying around any expensive equipment anyway. In my city which is the fourth largest city in America, when you carry anything of value, you are saying to the perps , “COME GET ME” . Smiles.

There are many native NYers that will laugh at this or argue that, but I’m just saying that is what happens if you let your guard down. Put something down, turn around and it is gone. That’s New York for you. I put my jacket down at the Brooklyn Academy of Music — and ten minutes later it was totally gone. Imagine an expensive piece of equipment or cameras? Naww.. That’s not for me.

My equipment today is my cellular phone and I do sometimes use a digital point and shoot, for now.

Someday I will pull out the favorite Pentax DSLR, but for now, it’s not going to happen.

As I look through my photographs, I cam see the ones that are my favorites, and they were not taken with expensive equipment. And this is what I love about photography. You do not need to be rich to take a picture.

I’ve been to the White House, and I’ve been to Mayoral Inaugurations, and I”ve been to local news events and local current events. I’ve been on the press truck to the NYC Marathon, twice, and I’ve been so many other places taking pictures. Have you and your very expensive equipment been there? Were you there when Mandela’s motorcade travelled down the streets of Manhattan, NY, USA? Were you in the Blue Room at City Hall, on Inauguration day? Got answers?

NOTE– I’m not bragging. I’m just trying to give you a vivid picture, proof that to be doing good and interesting photography, to be part of history, to have an exciting adventure, you do not need a million dollar camera. You just need proper training, a good eye, professionalism, and respect for your fellow man.

Now, you, as a pro photographer might look at some of my pictures, or all of them and say, “Hmm.. some of these are pretty bad” , but..fact is, art and beauty is all in the eye of the beholder .

I look at my pictures and I say, “I’m very glad to have been able to take these pictures. I am totally grateful that I’ve been there, done that. . and able to be part of history while at the same time, enjoying the ride there.

I was at the 500th Anniversary of Columbus Day, and I had the opportunity to take pictures of Sophia Loren, and at other events in Manhattan, and other places where I’ve photographed celebrities and stars from A to Z, and our wonderful Veterans in parade. My cameras, patience and professionalism has served me well..and with God’s help, I was able to do most of what I wanted to do in the field of photojournalism.

I am a writer. Sometimes I write with words, with a laptop, and sometimes with a fountain pen, but I love when I write with my photographs.

Very Merry Christmas to you and your family. Peace. .to all .



Have You Seen The Sky?

  • My answer is yes! I have seen the sky! But what’s this question really about? It’s more about the 360 degree sky, the sky all around, so beautiful that you think you could be seeing part of Heaven , on earth.

I mean, really, have you seen the sky? I’m talking about something that most city-dwellers hardly ever see, the huge 360 degree sky. I’m talking seeing the beautiful, blue or even cloudy sky that you can see for miles and miles around, farther than the eye can see. You know, you look and you see the sky and you don’t see an end to it?

In the cities, usually, you can look up and you see only part of the sky , just a small tiny part of it. Look up right now, if you are typing outside anywhere. See it? Take NYC for example, you can stand in the midtown Manhattan and look up and see nothing but steel and glass, windows, and bricks. You might see part of a tree somewhere. You’ll see cars and trucks and you might even see the elevated trains there. You’ll see everything that is man-made, and if you are fortunate , and you look towards the lights , the street lights, you might see little birds there in the metal. And quite possibly, you might even see some birds’ nests at the tops of the buildings. But, probably, you won’t see the 360 degree sky, that big, beautiful, wonderful, glorious sky!

For most of my life in the city, I’ve never noticed the sky, and in fact, I’ve never looked for it either. NYC is kind of intereresting on its’ own. There’s much to do, places to go, and plenty of man-made things to see.

But, hardly any sky.

I did not take the picture below . This picture below is just a placeholder for one of the ‘themes’ here on wordpress.

(You might see the sky if you find a large enough park somewhere..maybe, but not likely).

Ahh, you might see the sky if you are on the ferry or in a boat, but even then you will not see the 360 that I’m talking about. Your vision, your sight will still be broken up by the skyline, the buildings.

So, if you live in America or somewhere else in our huge world, leave a note and tell me where you saw the sky for the first time , and how did you feel?




You Are Worth A Million Dollars!

Actually, truth is, you are priceless.

You probably haven’t thought about this in a long, long time, right? . You are so unique, and so precious; it’s unbelieveable! And I’m not just saying that.

Have you ever seen a new born baby just after it was born, same day? Goodness, gracious, these little ones are the most precious gems we have hear on our earth. And so many times, so many times, we forget that, as we get older. We all were just as those newborn babies, so beautiful, so precious, so ready to take the world by a string and bounce it as far as it could go. Every single person was born, with all that, with all that same potential. Born with that same opportunity — no matter where you were born — yes, you have and had and probably still have that same opportunity to excell, to shine, and to lead others to greatness.

So, what happened. Why are you still sitting there behind that keyboard just looking around wondering about life? Where has your mysterious God-given magic gone? And who is the culprit that has stolen it all away from you, and when?

Nevermind, there’ s no need to answer any of those silly questions. Just know that you have all the answers inside of you. Yes! You have all the answers to all of life’s most important questions inside of you and that’s one of the most precious gifts that God has given you , so many years ago.

Here’s the thing. Years ago you knew, you instinctly knew exactly where your talent was and you knew exactly what you wanted to do and then some life’s hurricane came through town, and knocked the whole bundle out of your arms .
Here’s the thing, just like those survivors of Hurricane Sandy, and more than those survivors of Hurricane Katrina, and just like some of those survivors of that Tsunami in Japan, you too can get back on your feet and you can be successful in ANYTHING that you want to do in life.

Yes, I said, anything. That’s why I put that in all caps.

You need to really think this over, and figure out which of your many wonderful life’s goals that you can pick up the pieces to and get to doing it. Get out there to seeking what you used to look for so many years ago.

In other words, get up , put your shoes on, get ready for the world — right where you are, right there, in your chair. Get out your calendar and set up some days on there. Set up the days that you are determined to work towards your goals. And get to it.

But wait, don’t worry , this isn’t going to be hard. You can use your books, and your information and your past successes, and your great determination, to get started on just one single thing that will help you get turned around in the right direction so that you can achieve your goal — at least one of them, before the end of the year 2020. That’s right the year 2020, is your goal year.

It’s still 2019, and that means you have a head start on this coming year’s goals, wishes, hopes and dreams. Only this year, yes, this year, you’ll be different. Instead of wishing and hoping, you are going to be working, one step at a time, one day at a time, and on those hard days, even one moment at a time – towards your best goal.
That’s all I’m saying for now. Just you figure out what your first step is.

What’s your first step? Share it here. Perhaps your first step announcement can help someone else get started also. Merry Christmas peace to all .



Deleting Files From DRIVE?

It’s quite intersting how google demands to hold on to what you want to delete, right?

Or haven’t you noticed yet?

You go to drive, and you want to delete a file, completely take that off google. You have no idea how long and complicated this is. Yea, you’d think, ‘just find the delete button’ . . or the ‘remove’ button?

Not so fast.

The Drive Keeps Practically Every Move You Make. ..

And, if that’s what you want, fine. But that’s not what most people expect when they are writing. The drive saves every single move. As you type, the drive looks at this, as ‘revisions’. And they save all the edits, each and every one. And even after you delete a file there by pressing REMOVE, the silly thing is still there (thanks to marketing), and it’s there as a deleted file.

So, Want to Delete Better Than That?

Well, if there is a file you really want deleted or if you don’t want all your revisions seen on their drive, try this.

Once you are completely done writing your paper or letter or whatever, go to the file, and select all, now copy your original completed paper. Open a new file, now paste the finished product into the new file. So now you have a new document with all your writing –without all the revisions saved.

Next step, go back to the document that has the revision saves. Now, select all after you open the document. Now delete all those words. Now RENAME the file to something like DELETED file, Deleted file 2 etc, etc.

Now save that file under that rename delete . NOW, go back and delete all the files marked DELETE .

Now, they still are not deleted. Now you have files in the TRASH file. So go to trash, select all and remove them from drive. Repeat that.

Now You Have Deleted Your File.

Now, nothing is perfect, however, if you followed that process, you probably deleted the file. In fact, the last messages you might receive when you are clicking is a message warning that you are about to permanently deleting a file. Are you sure you want to do that? Say YESSSSSSSSS



You Inspired Me

©2019 lindaperry

You know, I have finally figured it out.
I’m old and tired and it takes me longer to figure things out, than it takes the average person.   But I can honestly say, I’ve finally figured it out.

Yea, many have written of such a thing and I’ve heard the writings too.

But yea, of course, I never believed any of it . .

For so many years, I’ve heard those phrases and those expressions..Continue reading “You Inspired Me”

MICHIGAN by Accident

You can wind up in Michigan by accident if you are not watching the road carefully while travelling East towards New York State. There is a road that has a line down the middle , on one of the highways. And so you have to be sure you are on the correct side of the road — becuase one side goes to Ann Arbor and the other side goes to New York State. One small messup and you are in Ann Arbor Michigan. USA

Happy Travels.

What Bullies Think About Christians

Here’s an opinion piece that might interest Christians and non-Christians, and any other type of person of any other faith.

When a bully approaches a target and when a bully spends years, or sometimes decades targeting an individual, that bully is looking for a few things, a few characteristics or a few traits or beliefs of the person.

  1. They love spiritual or religious people as targets because the bully knows that spiritual or religious people always forgive. They are commanded to forgive and if they are really religious and really spiritual, that bully can target that one person, over and over and over, and still the person will eventually forgive that bully and then let the bully back into communication with the person, the target or victim.
  2. They love it when they see that the person or the target is a quiet person. They figure this quiet person will not fight back. They figure the quiet person is not going to make a fuss and is not going to tell their secret–that they are a bully.

So, knowing that, and knowing that bullies and narcisstic bullies look for and target religious and spiritual people, Christians and people of all faiths, here’s a helpful hint for you and here’s something that will help you survive the bullying and get the bully to stop the nonsense.

Read this book, and pass it on to all your friends.


AFTER you read that one, there’s another good book called DO YOU by Ben Cohen

Rhode Island, USA

I went to Rhode Island, by accident. Hmm, how do you go to Rhode Island by accident?

Well, I asked a friend of mine if they wanted to go to Vermont for the day. The friend said, “yes, ‘ . We both have to be back same day, since we both had kids in school and families. So we headed off, really early one day, and she took hold of the map while I drove the vehicle.

Our final destination was supposed to be the border town or near the border town of Vermont, just over the state line. . We drove along, miles and miles, and we got to talking. Then we saw something on the road that looked interesting. Yes, I got distracted and really got into the conversation while my friend was looking at the map. Well, we talked and talked and talked..and all of a sudden, I asked, “How far are we from Vermont”?

“OOOPS ..she said. We missed the turn. Now, we were only closer to Rhode Island and nowhere near the town that we had started out for.

We wound up in Rhode Island, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

We had a fabulous time, near the college and we looked around and were official tourists for the day in Rhode Island.
Well, that’s how we got to Rhode Island by mistake, by accident. Heading towards Vermont, and ending up far out of the way in Rhode Island.

Another time, I went , purposely, to Rhode Island, with my son and with my grandson. We headed out to the Burlingame State Park in Rhode Island, USA. This was a fabulous trip and it was the first time that I had ever gotten a cabin for camping. I really like and prefer to sleep in a tent while camping. But we got a cabin. I had the preference, still, and I decided to set up my tent anyways. So the guys slept in the cabin and I really enjoyed being out in the tent.. Great TRIP!! I do like Rhode Island, and I like the rest of the United States.

A Wedding

Tulsi is running for President of the United States of America

There is such a list of people running now, can’t keep track of them all. This person, Tulsi, is running for President.

I think that she is a Veteran, not sure. Will recheck that eventually. Meanwhile if you know anything about her, leave a note and leave your SOURCE… . Thanks much.

School Bullies * What to Do

This author is excellent. He wrote a few books. In this video he tells parents and teachers what they can do about bullying.

I’d like to see this author take up the topic of how teachers are bullying students, all over America, and throughout the world.

Most of the time when we talk about bullying, we think of the students that are bullying other students. I believe this author has a whole new book to write and touch on the topic of teachers that use their power to bully their students, and to bully other teachers or other workers in the schools, after-schools, recreation centers and senior centers throughout the world. You are talking thousands here, if not more. And yet this is a topic not covered by anyone in any great fashion.

Yes, Virgiinia, there’s lots of bullying going on around there, around the world, and some of it is going on right under your very nose.
Look around. Speak to students and speak to other teachers. Ask which teacher is their favorite. But, don’t stop there, ask ‘Why” the teacher is their favorite. Really listen to the answers. You might be surprised.

Sometimes, just sometimes, a favorite teacher might be like the jock in school, the ‘popular’ student that bullies other students but the student is popular just because they excell in sports or excell in some other school area. Looks can be deceiving.

Just like the perp or the child abductor doesn’t look any different than other people, sometimes the teachers that do the bullying just look like someone’s favorite teacher. After all, haven’t you ever seen those news items where a human being did something so hideous to another human being, and then the neighbors or friends come out to the press and say, “Aww, she or he is such a nice quiet guy” , or “that he or she was just about the best friendly person”.

Remember that..when evaluating teachers. It doesn’t matter whom the teacher is, any teacher and all teachers should meet a standard, at the least, the standard of not bullying students.

It’s funny, but if it wasn’t for the present administration, hardly any of us would see this because usually the bully teachers go under the radar. Now, with everything being in the spotlight, due to the present rising political temperature in our nation, now, now we are seeing in the news..teachers bullying students. They probably were bullying students long, long, long before the current president came into being. We just didn’t see it in the press! Everything happens for a reason, sometimes the reason is good.

Link to the video https://youtu.be/RBwZLzxCluM

PAUSE… Just a Little.. Trigger Warning!

I totally get it that lots of people disagree on politics. I get it that you might not like some people just because they might mention politics or they might mention the party that you don’t like and I get that you might get upset with some posts that disagree with your own viewpoint. Anyways, I’m still going to post this one and if you hate it that much, you can always leave a note and give your own opinion on the topic.

Here’s the video, kindly watch the whole entire thing before you leave a note..if possible. Thanks much.

This is Just About What Seems Right and What Seems Wrong..

To me, yes, to me, — this is just an opinion piece and of course, you don’t have to read it.

To me, it seems wrong to try to impeach a president (any president) for a phone call.

It seems wrong to try to impeach a president for ‘delaying’ money to a foreign government.

It seems wrong to impeach a president for fulfilling his campaign promises, but I get it that our society really isn’t used to candidates actually keeping their promises after they are elected..but that’s no reason to try to impeach a president.

It seems wrong to not give this guy a chance. That’s right. … seriously, crowds and protestors and even congressmen and congresswomen were screaming impeachment even before the guy took the oath of the presidency. Doesn’t that tell you that something is not quite right in Denmark, as they say?

So, some of the dems say that it’s about abuse of power, hmm, think on this one. What about the abuse of power that the dems are doing? What about the abuse of power that so many of the dem congressmen and congresswomen are doing? Does that mean we should just take them all out of office?

The only one that has abused power here is Nancy and her followers..

Just saying,that’s the whole thing, that’s what seems so wrong. They are trying to impeach someone for what THEY have been doing all along.

It seems wrong that the ENTIRE democratic group, all those

dem workers have wasted so much time on impeachment while accomplishing NOTHING on their own. Or haven’t you noticed that

Taxpayers are paying out of our paychecks — to the dems so they can do NOTHING at all except try to impeach a presdient that they wanted to impeach before he became president.. yea, that’s wrong.

It seems wrong to me, that the democrats are not doing their jobs yet they still get paid?

Hmm, well, let’s look at some other things here okay?

While the dems are doing nothing but trying to divide the country, our President is busy STILL doing his job, still trying to keep his campaign promises, still trying to stop war and still trying to show the world that America, indeed , is a great world power.

Yea, that stuff that the dems are doing , it really seems wrong.

What’s your take ?

Yea, seriously, name ONE single thing that the dems have accomplished since this President has been elected? I’m waiting. THANK YOU.

How To – Part Time Vegetarian!

In today’s world, some of us, forget that it is okay to be in the middle of something. Everything doesn’t have to be so simple as black and white or one way or the other, at least when it comes to food. Taken Veganism or Vegetarianism for example.

For those topics, I am sometimes, in the middle. First, I totally love animals and I am not all that comfortable with eating things that have a face or that come from someone that has a face. However, that does not mean that I don’t eat meat or meat products or eggs, etc.

For me, there is , at least temporarily, a middle ground. If I need a label , I’d have to say that I am a part-time vegetarian. And, yes, eventually, I’ll probably get to the point of being a full time vegetarian but it’s not happening at this moment.

I have absolutely no cravings nor demand for meat on a regular basis. I’ll have it once in a while, or sometimes, usually around holidays or celebrations, I might be eating more of it. Hey, that’s part of my celebrations. I don’t drink and I don’t smoke but I do have sometimes, a burger, or some sausages. Yes, I know. You don’t have to tell me of all the unhealthy reasons for stopping that kind of habit. I get all that and I know all that. I’m working on that. But for now, just for now (and this now might mean months or even another couple of years, I’m being a part time vegetarian.

When I finally go in that direction, my meals will probably still include (some) milk and (some) cheese, and always vitamins. I need to do what is healthy for me, right now. Kindly don’t send me all those notes saying that meat isn’t healthy or that milk isn’t healthy. You come from a different place, a different background and a different life than I come from ,, so you really can’t be the judge of what is healthy for me and what is not healthy for me. Thank you.

You don’t have to educate me, as I am educated in all those directions. Yes, I’ve received all the booklets about vegetarianism from PETA , and I’ve received other literature and I know a full time Vegan that promotes the lifestyle all the time. That being said.. please, please don’t flood me with vegetarian notes , smiles. I got that . I get that. And for my own reasons, and my own lifestyle, I am sticking to what I know for sure is healthy for me, at these moments in time. Thank you.

So, I did cut out most fast foods. Yes, I have fast food , once in a while, again, usually closer to holidays and or birthdays and once in a while. But this is a major cut down as I used to have fast food all the time, really , all the time, like every day or sometimes two or three times each day. I have cut down on that in major ways. This is good for me and this is healthy for me.

My beef , smiles, is with those Vegans or Vegetarians that need to or like to control other humans’ lives to insisting that they MUST immediately stop eating meat or that they must immediately stop eating any animal products or using animal products. That’s a little out of hand right now.

You guys shouldn’t be bothering those of us that are on the train part time, but not fully able to commit full time to being Vegan or Vegetarian. You guys should be happy that we are headed in the right direction. Look, for now, it is perfectly legal to eat meat and use meat by products. Live with that for a while and leave us part time Vegetarians alone.

I do opt for the healthier ways to eat meat or the healthy or more humane production places whenever possible.

Seriously, I didn’t write this entry as any excuse or as any argument. I’ll tell you the reason I write this. This entry is for those people , like myself; just to say to those others that think like I think that’s IT”S OKAY!! Yes, I said it. It is okay to become a part time Vegetarian or part time Vegan — no matter what the others say to you or no matter what they others say about you. It is okay what you are doing with

your life, with your food, and your food lifestyle.

There you go, you have permission to be a partimer when it comes to food. Do that all in your own time, in your own way and don’t feel guilty about it just because there might be some that want to direct your life or live your life without really living it.

THANK YOU FOR READING. Anyone else agree with what I’ve said here?

Leave a note. THANKS

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